Kankusta Duo – Not suitable for weight loss

Fito Spray is the new slimming aid on the market and is intended to prevent attacks of cravings by spraying into the mouth and to stimulate fat burning. The product ensures a weight loss of up to 40 kilograms. However, the effect can already be denied from the existing ingredients. In addition, the company's dubious sales strategies and the fake advertising photos of alleged successes are added, which can never be found in this spray.

This product comes from a Polish company, which already has a large product range of these alleged slimming miracle products in its range.

However, these products are not based on a health or fitness company, but on an Internet agency called White Dot Seo, which specializes in making it easier to find websites on the Internet.

It should be clear to everyone that such a thing cannot be associated with a serious slimming medication. The strategy is almost always the same with this type of company, it's just to try to sell as many products as possible by dazzling customers.

Only recently, we uncovered an identical strategy with the product Chocolate Slim and the "advertising agency" AdCombo. The responsible persons are based in Russia and offer many other products besides slimming products to attract customers.

In the web you can find many before and after pictures of Fito-Spray. However, these pictures have been stolen from the network of numerous reputable loss portals to report alleged successes. These photos must not be taken seriously, because they are certainly not created by the Fito-Spray!

There is also a lot of talk about false pharmacy news, in which the product is mistakenly described as a recommendation for health and thus advertised. On the side of fitospray, even the label of a women's magazine is falsified to inspire confidence in female customers.

These advertising plagiarism should convey a serious impression and distract from the fact that the product itself is actually completely worthless. Because of these questionable advertising methods, it is strongly recommended not to buy. It's all just a pure moneymaker to fool customers. Slimming with Fito-Spray is NOT possible!

The sales process of this product is also alarming. With some psycho tricks, the salesman tries to force the customer to buy. The pressure of time when selling plays a major role here. This means that the customer is informed that he has only a short time to order the product. After the elapsed time this would probably no longer be possible and it would come about due to low stocks, too long waiting times. This naturally causes a time pressure for each customer, which is why he may also refrain from researching the product and regrets the purchase afterwards. In addition, the price of 39€ is not realistic. Since there is no exact information about the quantity of content available, the price is quite strange. In this way, the customer is not able to find out about monthly costs or the duration of the application.

The ingredients are pure natural ingredients of the acai and goji berries, mango extract, green coffee and garcinia cambogia. The fact that active ingredients such as green coffee are completely ineffective in slimming products has already been proven for some time. We have just reported on the scandal of fake studies with green coffee here.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract has been a new trend in the consumer industry for some years now. The plant from the tropics is known as Tamarind and received its attention from an American TV doctor who advertised this product. Since then, the rumour has remained that Garcinia Cambogia would help with the slimming process, but this is not true. Since then, the doctor from America has been threatened with the withdrawal of his license several times, as he often uses his level of awareness to advertise products and methods for purely financial reasons that have not been scientifically proven. The enzyme contained in the plant was classified as totally ineffective, and there were also some side effects. People who tested the product had side effects, such as stomach or intestinal diseases.

The coffee bean is called "green coffee" before roasting. These are also advertised in the Fito Spray as a dietary agent to help you lose weight. However, this is not the case. Green coffee can cause cardiovascular problems and damage the organs. This insight has recently been substantiated by more and more studies. Even some studies on the efficacy of green coffee have been deliberately manipulated and misrepresented. Doctors were

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